Barbara Bestor

Residential Case Study

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Barbara Bestor


Barbara Bestor's Home 

Barbara Bestor is an award winning architect. Some of her astounding projects are in Los Angeles, like the Intelligentsia Coffee, and many homes like her current one showcased here.

Design Challenge

We installed a huge edible garden outdoor right next to her pool. She has big sliding windows in her kitchen so whenever there's a breeze, it fills her home with scents of rosemary. Also, she can easily pick them from the window when she cooks with her family. Since Barbara Bestor favors mixing raw materials and vibrant colors, and creating a natural flow between indoors and out, it was a no brainer to install a couple smaller indoor living walls. Living wall planters are great ways to greenify your space even if you don't have much space, so garden up and create a lush living painting! 

Date of Install

January 2013


Barbara Bestor


Woolly Pocket


Los Angeles is in hardiness zone 10. All of the living walls at Barbara Bestor's home receive a lot of natural light.


The living wall is watered with a drip irrigation system. 


Living Wall Planters

The exterior uses 36 Living Wall Planters. The area of wall covered is approx. 6’6" high by 12’ long.


A variety of yummy organic edibles: basil, rosemary, tomato, thyme, dill, lettuce, and lavender.


This Living Wall is watered with a drip irrigation system, utilizing Woolly Pocket's Living Wall Planter Drip Kits (36), Drip Supply Line Kit (1) and Digital Drip Timer Valve (1). All of the irrigation components are as designed, hidden from view, and installed inside each watering tank.