A glamorous eco-nightclub in Hollywood. 

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The Roxbury

Roxbury is a glamorous eco-nightclub in Hollywood. During the 2010 renovation they added two green walls to the indoor/outdoor patio creating a quiet lounge area that functions as a grand entryway into the event space.

Design Challenge

This installation was part of a larger remodel of an existing nightclub. The main challenge in creating the green walls was that the walls were uneven and had a number of small obstacles and windows. The Pockets were so flexible that they were able to cover uneven surfaces and wrap around corners.

A large metal frame was welded on site to act as a support of the large-scale installation. Pockets were mounted to this structure. Shutters, covered in Pockets were created to cover existing windows. During the day they shutters are open and allow light into the space and at night they are closed, allowing the green wall to look seamless.

Date of Install

July 2011


Roxbury Hollywood


G+ Design is an award winning Los Angeles based architecture and interior design firm that specializes in hotels, restaurants, clubs and spas.


The Roxbury is open during events and regular evening hours.


The Roxbury installation looks like it is indoors, but is actually a covered outdoor space. The walls are lit with moderate to strong indirect sunlight through large skylights and shuttered windows. The space is not climate controlled. Los Angeles is in hardiness zone 10. Because it gets down into the 50’s in the winter in Los Angeles, it was critical to pick plants that could tolerate some season cooling.



The south wall uses (160) Chocolate Wally Threes with reservoir and covers an area approx. 20’ high and 55’ wide. The north wall is made out of (55) Wally Ones and (80) Wally Threes with reservoir on a wall 20’ high and 60’ long.

In total, the installation is composed of (796) Pockets.

The Pockets are hung on a custom welded steel structure. The structure is made of 2 x 2 square steel tube, and braced with 1” steel band located every 22” for easy Pocket installation. The structure has (4) built in hinged shutters to allow sections of the green wall to be swung open allowing light into the space.


Plant List

The Roxbury staff gardener sourced plants at a local nursery and designed the plant layout on the wall as he installed it. The plant palette is an eclectic mix of plants that can withstand some season cooling:

Adiantum Jordanii – California Maiden-Hair Fern

Asparagus Densiflorus – Meyers

Asplenium – Austral Gem

Buxus Sempervirens Suffruticosa – Dwarf English Boxwood

Hosta – Mixed variation

Juniperus Horizontalis – Creeping Juniper

Nephrolepis Exaltata cv. Bostoniensis – Boston Fern

Rosmarinus Officinalis –Creeping Rosemary

Senecio – Fishhook



The living wall is hand watered weekly.