San Pedro School Garden

Veggies and herbs thrive outdoors in a Woolly School Garden with drip irrigation.

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San Pedro School Garden


The San Pedro Science and Technology Center School Garden

The San Pedro Science and Technology Center serves as a field trip site for students all over Los Angeles. It Center hosts a 4-acre organic garden and farm complex with chickens, ducks, goats and horses. Students from a variety of schools use the site to learn how to grow, harvest, and cook their own food. The San Pedro Science and Technology Center is run by John Zavalney and Mud Baron. 

In June 2011, the center added a demonstration Woolly School Garden to their bigger garden, as part of their expanding teaching and research program. Students learn to grow a variety of herbs and edible vegetables both in the ground and on living walls.

Design Challenge

The garden uses well water as its primary water source and water conservation is an ongoing issue. The Woolly Pocket School garden is located on a wall of a building at the edge of the garden that gets particularly hot. The solution was to install Wallys with reservoir to retain moisture. Additionally the project uses drip irrigation system for self watering, allowing the project to extremely water conserving. The irrigation runs briefly 2x a day to allow for maximum absorption and no water waste.

Date of Install

June 2011


San Pedro Science and Technology Center 


Woolly Pocket

Case study documented on our blog




San Pedro is in Hardiness Zone 10b. The installation is outdoors on a western facing wall and gets a lot of natural light, particularly in the afternoon.



The installation is composed of (10) Chocolate Wally Threes and (5) Wally Fives with reservoir. The vertical garden is five rows high and covers an area approx. 20 ½ feet long by 5 ½ tall.

Note: This Woolly Pocket School Garden has a slightly atypical layout. The standard Woolly Pocket School garden is composed of (50) Pockets made up of (10) Wally Fives. This garden is (10) Pockets larger in order to maximize the amount of coverage on the wall.


Plant List


Lemon Basil

Mint – Peperia

Peppers – Fresno

Peppers – Habenero

Peppers – Banana

Tomatillos – Yellow

Tomatoes – Sun Gold

Tomatoes – Persimmon

Tomatoes – Yellow brandywine




The living wall is watered with a drip irrigation system connected to an outdoor spigot (see diagram of a standard hose connection) .The drip line is 1/4” self-regulating ½ gph emitters spaced every 6”. A timer triggers the system to run 2x a day for 6 minutes. A backflow preventer is connected to the water source.

Nifty Tip: Edibles require more water during hot months. Instead of watering once a day, consider running the irrigation briefly twice a day in order to maximize the water absorption.