An eco event space is wrapped in lush green walls that dampen sound and act as a dramatic green backdrop

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SmogShoppe is a multi-use event space that was once a 1980’s Smog Check station. Now powered 100% by solar energy, the LEED platinum event space hosts weddings, parties, film and PR events in a 6,500 square foot courtyard and pavillion. The courtyard is lined with lush succulent living walls that create a green backdrop for events; the outside of the SmogShoppe is wrapped in green walls that are visible from the street.

Design Challenge

The SmogShoppe is located on a very busy, loud street. The primary design challenges were to dampen the sound from noisy street and the live reflective sound in the courtyard and to bring in more landscape. The Pockets and plants, both on the outside walls of the complex and the interior courtyard served a powerful sound buffer, allowing the SmogShoppe to be a relatively quiet oasis in the city.

The green walls have served as an iconic backdrop to over 100 weddings and countless events. The large area given over to green walls on the property, allow the lot to have a 60% plant coverage. This represents a very high plant coverage for a commercial property. 

Date of Install

August 2009


Marvimon Productions


Marvimon Productions


The exterior living walls at the SmogShoppe face the street and are accessible at 2651 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles. The interior of the SmogShoppe courtyard is accessible only during private events.


Los Angeles is in hardiness zone 10. All of the living walls at the SmogShoppe are outdoors and receive a lot of natural light.



The interior courtyard used (7) Wally Ones and (42) Wally Fives without reservoir. The area of wall covered is approx. 6’ high by 65’ long, broken up into sections.

The exterior walls are composed out of (7) Wally Fours and (63) Wally Fives without reservoir. Note: Wally Fours are no longer available. The area of the wall is approx. 6’ tall and 98’ feet long.

The Pockets used in this project have no reservoir, which means that they use more water than a Pocket with reservoir. In this case, any extra water ends of migrating to the plant beds below the walls so there is minimal waste.


Plant List

The initial planting required approximately (1900) plants. The vertical gardens are composed of a variety of succulent plants:

Interior Courtyard:


Senecio Serpens

E. Elgans

Plectranthus amboinicus

Asparagus Densiflorus Meyer

Asparagus Sprengeri

Echeveria – Hens and Chicks

Ionicera Harlequin



The living wall is watered with a drip irrigation system. The drip line is 1/4” self-regulating ½ gph emitters spaced every 6”. A timer automatically triggers the system to run 2x a week for 10 minutes. A backflow preventer is connected to the supply line.