Soho House

Herbs and veggies grown in an edible farm on the 12th floor of a private West Hollywood club.

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Soho House


Soho House 

Soho House is a private, members only club in West Hollywood. The club is at penthouse level with epic 180-degree views of Los Angeles. The east side of the club features a glass hallway with a lush edible living wall and quiet reading/smoking areas. Edibles from the garden are used in cocktails and smoothies in the adjacent Club Bar.

Design Challenge

Soho House team had a long hallway with an amazing view of Los Angeles that they wanted to landscape but they didn’t have very much space. They had the idea to make a vertical farm where they could grow food for their kitchen and for mixer drinks. Soho House is a very visually focused space and it was critical to create this garden while maintaining a clean, design focused lounge space.

In terms of layout the challenge was to create a vertical garden on a long wall long wall that was was broken into a number of segments because of columns, and had a variety of vents and obstacles that needed to be avoided. The layout challenge was resolved by using Wallys and in some cases overlapping them to perfectly fit the desired spaces.

Date of Install

June 2011


Soho House


Soho House


Private, member only access.


The plant hardiness zone for Los Angeles is 10. The ceiling and one wall of the hallway are composed of glass, allowing a lot of natural light into the space. The glass window has the ability to drop part way down lets fresh air into the hall. 



The installation uses (19) Wally Ones, (13) Wally Threes, and (18) Wally Fives in Chocolate with reservoir. The length of the installation is 73’ and the ceiling height is 8.5’.

The living wall is designed so that it can accommodate bookshelves and seating areas under the pockets. The wall makes use of different sized Wallys to fit around the existing dimensions of the wall and doorways. Some pockets are installed overlapping as much as 9” in order to fill the desired space exactly. 


Plant List

The edible plants were planted from starts and 3" and 4” pots. The project used approx. 600 plants for the initial install.

Baby onions





Lemon balm


Micro greens










The garden is watered via drip irrigation for 6 minutes a day in the summer. The drip-line is 1/4” diameter with built-in self-regulating 1/2 gph emitters spaced every 6”.  The duration and frequency of watering is turned down a bit in winter when it is cooler.

The irrigation is hooked up to a timer and back flow preventer. The water source was connected via a simple penetration through the wall to adjacent plumbing.

Nifty tip: In places where the Pockets are overlapped, you can cut a small slit in the tongue so that the drip-line could continue behind the tongues unabated.