Splendid – The Grove

An eco-retailer brands themselves with green walls in their new retail locations.

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Splendid – The Grove


Splendid at The Grove

Splendid is an eco-sensitive company that is known for makes luxurious soft, colorful clothes for men, women and children. They have Woolly Pocket living walls in a number of their retail stores nationwide. This installation, at their store at the Grove at Farmer’s Market is one of a series of Woolly Pocket living walls that they have installed in their stores nationwide.

Design Challenge

The design challenge was to create a bold and striking living wall that would be visible from the storefront and be an inviting entry into the retail store. A series of Wally Threes created the perfect sized living wall to anchor the entry wall.

Date of Install

June 2011




Ambius is an large international company that designs, installs and maintains plants in offices and commercial buildings. Ambius added a stainless steel planter with river rocks on the floor under the pockets. It is a design element meant to make the installation look more natural and serves no functional purpose.



Splendid created a similar installation in their Miami store


Splendid is a retail store and open to the public daily.


The installation is indoors with moderate indirect sunlight that comes through the front store windows. The installation is on a west-facing wall.



The installation is composed of (8) Black Wallys Threes with reservoir. The installation is (8) rows high and (3) pockets wide and covers an area approx. 5 ½” wide and 8 ½ ‘ high.


Plant List

The plants selected are capable of thriving with moderate indirect sun. The plants used in the install were lush 6” and 8” plants with lots of “spill”:

Crotons – Aubrey Christine

Pothos – Neon

Philadendron Scandens ssp. Oxycardium




The installation is hand watered weekly by the landscape maintenance team.