Splendid – Robertson Blvd.

An eco-retailer brands themselves with green walls in their new retail locations.

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Splendid – Robertson Blvd.


Splendid on Robertson Blvd.

Splendid is an eco-sensitive company that is known for makes luxurious soft, colorful clothes for men, women and children. They have Woolly Pocket living walls in a number of their retail stores nationwide. This installation, in their store on Robertson Blvd., was their first indoor vertical garden and is composed out of ferns and lush tropical plants.

Design Challenge

Splendid wanted to create an eco statement in their flagship store in West Hollywood and bring the outdoors inside. The design challenge with the space they wanted to use was that wall had a jog in it and the floor had a change in elevation. The Pockets were a great solution for this space, being flexible they were able to wrap around the corner without any special customization.

Date of Install

December 2009




Form LA is an award winning landscape design, construction and maintenance firm that has unique and varied experience working with landscape and regional vegetation in the Los Angeles area.


Feature on Woolly Pocket Blog.


Splendid is a retail store and open to the public daily.


The installation is indoors with moderate indirect sunlight that comes through the adjacent storefront windows.  The building is climate controlled, but the front doors are open daily in good weather.



The installation uses (21) Chocolate Wallys Ones and (14) Wally Threes with reservoir. Note that Wally Ones are used on the short wall where the installation jogs. The installation is (7) rows high and covers an area 8’ high and 17’ wide.


Plant List

The plants used in the install were lush 6” and 8” plants with lots of “spill”. The initial install called for approx. (150) plants:

Nephrolepis exaltata cv. Bostoniensis – Boston Fern

Pothos – Jade

Chlorophytum comosum – Spider Plant




Water was available in the wall behind the installation, so it was easy to tap into it to set up a drip irrigation system. The drip line is 1/4” self-regulating ½ gph emitters spaced every 6”.  A timer automatically triggers the system to run 2x a week for 3 minutes. A backflow preventer is connected to the supply line.