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Wally vertical gardens used indoors

Wally One

Create an instantly lush vertical garden in any environment. Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular, and infectiously fun!

Lana Tabletop Planter

Lana Tabletop Planter

Looking for that extra bit of green at the table? Check out our Lana Tabletop Planter. It's ideal for planting your favorite leafy greens and bromeliads.

Living wall planter indoors

Living Wall Planter

Now vertical gardening is within reach of every gardener in any space. Living Wall Planter is easy to use, adaptable, beautiful, and eco-friendly!

Living Wall Planters
Living Wall Planter - white

living wall planter

Living Wall Planter is not just more affordable, it is better in every way. Easier to use, higher performance, more adaptable, sexier and greener.

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Vertical garden planters and tabletop planters
Wally One Vertical Garden Planter


Create an instantly lush vertical garden and experience the magical fun of plants in any environment. 

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